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We provide the resources for dancers to be able to grow offering creative and performance platforms, weekly classes, bootcamp, courses and mentoring programmes for all! We aim to create and maintain a safe and open environment for dancers of all levels and backgrounds to train, network and expand their artistry. With a broad industry faculty, our students have the chance to learn from London's best.


Beyond Limits started as a small thought with a big plan to build a community of dancers from all levels and backgrounds to feel inspired to push to the next level in their journey. Inspired by Choreographers such as Galen Hooks, Kiira Harper, Aisha Francis, Jessica Castro and Danielle Polanco to only name a very select few, I started training in London’s largest studios and was blessed enough to gain a network of dancers who shared the exact same vision; a space where we can all train as dancers, have fun, release from any unwanted energy but most importantly GROW as creatives! Alongside a team of talented women, I work everyday not only to expand our vision to multiple styles of dance but to all likes of people! Whether you are a professional dancer or someone who is looking to build your skill set for your own personal goals, Beyond is the place for you- Cresta (Beyond Limits Director)

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