We work in 8 week seasons

We have a 2 week inter-season break in between seasons where there are no weekly classes, however workshops, courses and all events may still take place during this time. 


Weekly Classes

Every Friday at Flow Dance Studios


FRIDAYS 7.15-9PM At Flow Dance Studios

Performance Fridays are open to all levels (including beginners y'all! ;)) This class is designed to push for technique and performance progression. We focus on refining foundations so that we can explore with character and intention.

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Monthly Pop up Classes

At Base Dance Studios

We hold monthly pop up classes to reteach our most popular combos! This is an opportunity for those who missed out the first time to come and learn a lit combo or for others to have a second go at slaying it! These classes are open to everyone and available to be booked on the Base App.


Membership Passes

Please note that all membership passes are released at the beginning of each season; if you wish to become a member once the season has started this will be subject to availability. 

These passes come at a discount in comparison to paying as you go with our Full season pass carrying the highest discount! On top of that we’re throwing in our membership perks 😏:

  • Everybody gets a chance to perform during class but premium queens get the chance to perform AGAIN at the end to maximise growth and get that perfect video!

  • You also get added to our premium exclusive page where we tell you what songs we’re dancing to every week often letting you chose (our premiums are secretly our BL DJs y’all!!)!

  • We also drop snippets of what we’re teaching and other fun stuff on there and

  • If THAT wasn’t enough to convince you, we also have our very own premium exclusive 4 hour intensive workshop where we really work one on one with you all to drill technique, train camera work and give one-2-one feedback whilst vibing with all of your fellow premium queens👑

Treat yourself or your girlfriend or your sister or your boss to a premium pass!

Class Pass

Credit System

Gift Voucher


Flexibility & Floor work

A 4 week course ran once every season at a Gymbox Location.

This course is designed to improve and enhance your flexibility and floor work as a dancer! We’ll be introducing specific skills such as fluidity of movement, a trick such as spins and rolls, core control/balance & more and then learning a combo that is designed to apply everything in that session! Come and meet a whole new set of incredible women and let's train! 

We open up the second hour of flex each week releasing only 5 drop in spaces for those who missed out on course tickets but still want a slice of the fun! 



This is 4.5 hours of PURE training! No glitz no glam no lights no pressure; JUST us, our sweat and the studio! 

We will always keep these groups small as we want to provide 1-2-1 feedback! This is essentially a private class but with treats and all ya girl friends 😉 

4.5 hours of training in an intimate group setting including:

• conditioning and core strengthening

• flexibility and floor-work drills 

• heels foundation and technique 

• sensuality and movement

completion of lines and shapes 

• camera work

• stage performance 

• choreography retention

• group work

• formations and spacial awareness

• a Q&A session and 1-2-1 feedback from the teacher


Concept Video Workshops

Beyond Limits Creative produces concept videos where you get a chance to star in them!

Choreographed by some of London's best heels teachers, you'll get 2 hours of studio rehearsal workshop time to nail the choreography and then 1.5 hours to film it on shoot day. Of course there are also treats involved on the day! 
You walk away with a professionally edited video, a whole new group of girlfriends and new knowledge from your semi-private class rehearsal training.


Rehearsal Day


Filming Day


Filming Day

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Group Private Classes

Semi private classes where we reteach our most popular combos to date.

Aimed at improving execution of choreography, this is the middle ground between a standard private class and our public classes; a more intimate environment but easier on the purse strings ;) You'll get a second chance to nail our choreography and really perfect it or if you missed class the first time around this is a brilliant chance to experience your favourite routine! There will be ample space to really dance and focus on your choreography retention, performance, technique and other skills. Of course, there will be opportunities to film throughout class as well. 


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