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Beyond Limits Mentoring Programme

Helene (August 2020 Alumni)


Jessie (August 2020 Alumni)


Tey (August 2020 Alumni)


Cilia (Autumn 2020 Alumni)


Maggie (Autumn 2020 Alumni)



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Beyond Limits Dance has achieved far more than running dance classes. In the current dance world epidemic, where classes overcharge you to stand at the back feeling flustered and inadequate while you watch trained dancers use the time as a performance for social media following, these classes are a breath of fresh air. 

One of the most remarkable things about this team is their dedication to each of their students as dancers. These classes are not for them, they are for YOU. Even with a packed studio of 25+ people, Cresta has the incredible capacity to focus on each individual and their growth from class to class, showcasing their progress, building their confidence and teaching them based specifically on their needs. And this dedication goes beyond the class itself – the students are always showcased on the BL social media, provided with class footage, and kept in contact with. Becoming a student at Beyond Limits is like becoming part of a family.